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Web Remote Viewing provides CollectMax™ users with a secure web site for holding debtor claims for viewing by clients and law firm employees outside the office. Using a standard web browser, claims can be viewed using almost any internet connection. WRV provides CollectMax™ users control over which clients see what data and provides options for customization.

To maintain the safety of debtor and client information, account data is transmitted, retrieved and stored in encrypted form. In addition, the law firm controls access to debtor information at all times by way of remote viewer permission settings under it's direct control. All points of access to WRV require login codes and passwords to gain entry.

WRV supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8 and above, Chrome 17 and above, Firefox 10.0.01 and above, Safari 5.1.2 and above. WRV requires that JavaScript be enabled. Internet Explorer is the recommended browser.

To login to the WRV service, please click the button below. You will be directed to the WRV Login page where you will be prompted to enter your Username and Password.