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Erika Gerecke, Account Manager, Moss Law Firm, PC, Lubbock, TX

"JST is very helpful. Any time one of our clients makes a major change, they're quick to talk to us with any changes they need to make or they actually talk through any changes that we feel we can make to make it a better process. "

Beverly McComas, Office Administator, Naderpour & Associates, Hollywood, FL

"It enhances the practice tremendously in the area of reporting. We're inundated with audits and reporting requirements. There's one feature that I have just learned to use, MaxExtract. I've been learning how to install templates and things I never thought I could do. With a very simple Help menu, it's taught me to be able to extract the data I need, as opposed to just running a standard formatted report. That way I can tailor it to what our clients need for audit purposes."

Beverly McComas, Office Administator, Naderpour & Associates, Hollywood, FL

"I'm a big fan of the Help menu. I find myself going to it a lot. There is no better word for it than 'Help' because it gives you, not only screen shots of what you're supposed to be looking at and where you're supposed to be, but it gives a really simple explanation of what you're supposed to do, not a long-winded drawn out discussion of what it does for you. Just, boom, boom boom, here are the steps. And, wow, it works! "

Nanette Badillo, Operations Manager, Miguel A. Maza & Associates, San Juan, PR

"I think that we have experienced the commitment of the JST team. Whenever we have an urgent issue, there's someone able to work as a team with us and provide us with a solution right away. That's very valuable to us. "