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Christopher Henriques, Vice President of Operations, Hunt & Henriques, San Jose, CA

"CollectMax is a solid product. It's something that the people that are at JST understand the industry. They understand the client needs. They understand what we as firms do. It's a very flexible system."

Jason Guglielmo, Client Relations, Guglielmo & Associates, Tucson, AZ

"Working with the staff for JST has been helpful and really great. I think that is the best thing in working with JST."

Randolph, Boyd, Cherry and Vaughan, Richmond, VA

"The interfaces developed for communication and transfer of data to and from our largest client have been implemented virtually flawlessly, with complete satisfaction both on our end and that of the client. "

Nanette Badillo, Operations Manager, Miguel A. Maza & Associates, San Juan, PR

"The greatest feature that we have been using so far has been the imaging feature and the MaxUpdater since it allows us to keep track of every single claim we have on our end and to be able to report to our clients in a timely fashion. "