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Jason Guglielmo, Client Relations, Guglielmo & Associates, Tucson, AZ

"Working with the staff for JST has been helpful and really great. I think that is the best thing in working with JST."

Harvey Moore, Esq., Moore Law Group, P.C., Santa Ana, CA

"It's not just a collections program, it's a hub that allows me to go out and deal with other vendors and other processes."

Denise Powell, COO, Sessoms & Rogers, PA, Durham, NC

"The imaging module is very robust and we can provide documents to our clients. We have different standards for each one. We can export them, name them how we want to. It's just that awesome. We use it for other things too, just to find things we need to find, documents or pleadings. We use the image search all the time."

Randolph, Boyd, Cherry and Vaughan, Richmond, VA

"The features of the JST CollectMax program are ideal for our needs, easily tracking collection efforts, recoveries, and distributions."